Kathrin Christians | Kathrin Christians - flautist
Kathrin Christians performs on her first release with the Württembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn (WKO), under the baton of its chief conductor and artistic director Ruben Gazarian.
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“I Am an Experiment”

Flautist Kathrin Christians Mesmerizes with Virtuosic Playing

“My mother always said that I was conceived of an experiment,” says Kathrin Christians with a laugh. “She was firmly convinced that the uterus is our first classroom as humans, and filled me with sound, even as a fetus, with classical music.” The experiment worked: Kathrin Christians mesmerizes her audience with her flute concerts on national and international stages. Nizza, Palermo, Ouagadougou, Seoul, Bangkok, Saint Tropez, Lucerne, Pretoria, Berlin, Frankfurt… the 30-year-old is known for the pearly lightness and nimble figures of her flute playing. Though the prenatal musical education of Kathrin Christians was indeed successful, the origin of her talent lies in the 19th century. Christians’ great-granduncle was the well-known Danish composer and director Carl August Nielsen (1865 – 1931).

At the age of three, Christians loved to sing Schubert. At six, she began to play the flute. The native Heidelberger earned the money for her first flute by playing the English flute in the pedestrian zone – she started at the age of seven, and by the age of ten she had earned the money she needed. Christians won her first flute competition at the age of twelve. Kathrin Christians perfected her playing and studied the flute in Mannheim, München and Stuttgart. She finished her masters’ degree in 2012 at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart with Prof. Davide Formisano, with a final grade of 1 with distinction. At the age of only 23, she became first flautist with the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Mannheim Mozart Orchestra, a position she held until early 2013.

She played numerous concerts throughout Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Africa. In 2014, she performed at, among others, the Lucerne Festival and the Lüneberger Bachtagen. In 2013, she thrilled her audiences with solo concerts at the Stuttgarter Liederhalle and the Schwetzinger Rococo Theater, and debuted with a double concert for flute and harp by W. A. Mozart with Catrin Finch at the Festival Palermo Classica.  In the past few years, Kathrin Christians has won numerous national and international prizes, among them:

• 2013 Int. The World Competition, Australia

• 2012 Int. Severino Gazzelloni Competition, Italy

• 2009 Int. Mediterranean Flute Competition, Greece

• 2006 Lions Music Competition

Since autumn 2014, she has been the Artistic Director of the “Kathrin Christians Presents” series.